Knowledge Sharing & Co Creation Platform: MEWE





Prof. Brgitte Hartwig

Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl


Service Design, Branding, UI Design

Today, more than ever, projects require the cooperation of people with different knowledge and skills, who together consider complex problems from interdisciplinary perspectives and break new ground. There is often a lack of interaction with other students outside the faculties of their universities, which leads to a limited perspective in problem solving. In case of HS Anhalt I created a Co Creation Platform and event which should connect people with common ideas but different skills together.

How can we foster interdisciplinarity and co-creation 
among students from different academic backgrounds? 


Ideally, interdisciplinary cooperation combines "the best of all disciplines", but the reality often looks different: A lack of knowledge about the abilities of people from other disciplines and fear of contact with students from other faculties can lead to one-dimensional projects.


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Research on knowledge sharing cultures in academic surroundings

Interview & surveys with students
from university of Applied Sciences Anhalt

Creating a event concept and digital platform for ideas to foster community building


The MEWE platform is a student organized platform and co creation event, where people with common ideas and visions can come together for cooperation projects. The focus of this event is the transfer of knowledge through peer-to-peer teaching and cooperation with people from different fields. This is intended to create a knowledge culture and a network between the different departments. It will be followed by workshops and new projects organised by students themselves. 


I conducted qualitative interviews and surveys with students from different
departments at Anhalt University of applied sciences. To analyze the data I used
empathy maps and tried to identify mutual problems and needs.



The students should get the opportunity to pitch their own ideas, hobbies or research projects to get support from students from other departments. The aim is to arouse interest for new ideas, but also to share knowledge and benefit from each other at the same time. Everybody can upload ideas on the digital platform and can offer hands on workshops. In the form of peer to peer teaching, all participants and hosts should benefit from this and be able to share knowledge with each other. 

Pitching ideas or register to existing student projects on the digital community platform


The platform has a free format, which means it can be a festival, a project week or individual events. it should be up to the students how they want to organize it.

In the case study of the anhalt university of applied sciences I developed a branding for series of events or a workshop week in which students mobilize for smyposia, talks and workshop series.



Interdisciplinary peer teaching Workshops