Oekom Reader

Speculative Design, UI/UX Design, Prototyping






Jonas Köpfer

Giang Pham



It is expected that the number of analog readers will steadily decrease due to new digital options, such as reading long-form content, articles or e-books. Readership decline is measured quantitatively and cannot be satisfied by qualitative initiatives such as package design anymore.
Our hypothesis is that digital reading will become the new standard for the industry.
Therefore the book metaphor thus acquires new forms in the future. For this project we collaborated with the non-fiction publishing house "Oekom".


How can we design a good user experience for digital books and reading platforms?


Together with the Oekom publishing house, we explored how this publisher could operate as a prototype in a fully digitalized version. That's why we asked ourselves how the products of Oekom could be presented in a more consistent and intuitive way so that users would like to read digital books.



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Research about current reading and book trends as well how publishers respond to them.

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Conducting interviews how trends will shape the reading behavior of the different reader groups. Validation of Hypothesis.

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Creating a digital reading platform which creates a new reading experience and interaction with books.


Digital Exclusive
The contents of non-fiction books, which were once traditionally printed and read in analog form, will in future be read digitally. The texts can be read directly on the platform, where users will have more opportunities to interact with the books.

Digital platform 
The publisher's self-image as a product manufacturer develops into a platform operator.


Design System
Under our own template system, each digital "book" is individually designed by an in house designer. The system guarantees the conciseness of the brand, but remains open enough so that the editorial design is not affected. Oekom is now becoming an umbrella brand and distributes various platforms such as the Oekom crowd (digital reading forum) and Oekom Reader (reading platform)


Reading through the browser
There will be no more native readers or apps that can cause a media break.
A good design of the reading experience for the browser makes the need for an
app unnecessary.



Book Interactions

Mark text passages to comment, save, network or
share for any purpose.


Liquid Payment

Pay as you read: Pay per Chapter, pay
per Book, Monthly fee or Daily fee.

Social Reading
Discussion of the contents in the Reddit Scheme
(Up & Down Votes, Infinite Comment Chains)


Book interactions
on mobile devices

e.g. highlighting and saving quotes

e.g overview of saved chapters & media

Personal Dashboard

The Oekom Dashboard allows users to manage, store and share the books, media or chapters they have purchased. This gives them a complete overview of the publications they have already read. Furthermore, the dashboard offers the possibility of setting preferences in order to explore new books.


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